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Good attendance benefits your child's education. Research is clear; students who attend school regularly do better academically and are more likely to establish work habits that help them succeed in life and work. Studies show that children who miss just one day of school fall two days behind in their school work. Students who are absent an average of 15 days a year miss a years' worth of school before their senior year and students who miss 8 days or more each year are at risk of not graduating with their class.  You play a vital role by helping your child attend every school day possible.
Teachers have a limited time to teach and research states that attendance directly correlates to academic achievement. We want everyone to try their very best to be here everyday and arrive on time. Our teachers get classes started first thing and need everyone prepared and ready to start.

Reporting an Absence

When your child is absent from school for any reason, please call the school and clear the absence. You may call and report your child's absence by dialing 891-3128 extension #103, even if it is the middle of the night.  Please identify yourself, your student, their teacher, their room number, days absent, and the reason for the absence.

Absence Reminder

It is very important that a parent or guardian notify the office when a child is absent. When there is no verification within three (3) school days, the absences are considered unexcused.  If a student accrues three (3) or more unexcused absences, the student is considered to be truant (Ed Code 48260).

Partial Day Attendance and Funding

When your child has a doctor's appointment in the middle of the school day, please bring him/her to school before or after the appointment. Schools receive full funding even if a student attends for part of the day. It is this funding that provides the needed books, supplies, curriculum, and other necessities for your child's education.

A: No. The school only receives funding when your child is present. (Remember, partial day attendance does NOT count as an all day absence.)

Off Campus Permits

If you need to pick your child up during school hours, your student will need an off campus permit from the attendance office prior to leaving campus. To receive this:
1.    Send your child with a note that they can take to the attendance office. Please state your student's first & last name, the reason, the time, & your name.
2.    Call the attendance office at your school.
3.    Stop by the attendance office. Please allow as much time as possible prior to the appointment. Your child could be in a class, like P.E., which might delay contacting him/her and his/her being ready to leave school.

Student Tardies

A student is tardy when he/she arrives in the classroom after the tardy bell rings, but before the first thirty minutes of the class has been completed. A student is habitually tardy to a class when he/she receives four (4) or more unexcused tardies per trimester. A student is truant when he/she arrives unexcused in the classroom 30 minutes after the bell rings.
School personnel will consider the circumstances and reasons for each student's tardy and determine whether the tardy is excused or unexcused. Tardies are excused for doctor's visits when a doctor's verification note is provided. The student will be expected to make up work missed without penalty. Unexcused tardiness is inappropriate and may result in disciplinary consequences.


A student who is absent from school without a valid excuse in excess of the (30) minutes or more per day for three (3) different days during the school year will be declared truant, and the parents will be notified of their obligation to resolve the truancy problem.

After 3 unexcused absences, a letter of truancy notification will be sent home.  After 4 unexcused absences, a second truancy notice will be sent home and parents are urged to schedule an appointment with the school principal to discuss resolution of the truancy problem.  A student with more than 5 unexcused absences will be declared a habitual truant and a parent conference will be scheduled with the principal.  If suggested alternatives to reach resolution of the truancy problem are not followed through responsibly and successfully, the problem will be reviewed and consideration will be given to pursue a course of legal action.

We hope that these attendance procedures will help both the school and parents to work together in a cooperative manner towards our common goal of increasing each child's success in school.  As parents, you are responsible for the establishment of regular and punctual student attendance habits.

Your cooperation and support of our attendance procedures are greatly appreciated!

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