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Chess Club

Faculty Organizer: Dylan Wakefield / Conner O'Kelley
For more information, please contact Dylan Wakefield / Conner O'Kelley

Student Leadership

Faculty Organizer: Conner O'Kelley / Olivia Thayer
For more information, please contact Conner O'Kelley / Olivia Thayer

Yearbook Club

Faculty Organizer: Olivia Thayer, Elizabeth Deen, and Emily McEnaney
In Yearbook Club, students learn how to plan, organize, design, edit, and publish yearbooks in the club. Every student holds the same role and is assigned their own page to work on. Students also participate in taking photos, conducting interviews, and selling books.
Yearbook Club 2022-2023
For more information, please email Olivia Thayer, Elizabeth Deen, or Emily McEnaney.

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