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Kimochis Keys to Communication

Kimochis Key #1: Getting Someone's Attention

Kimochis Key #2: Use a Talking Voice

Kimochis Key #3: Use a Talking Face and Body

Kimochis Key #5: Redo Hurtful Moments

Read-A-Loud: The Way I Feel

Read-A-Loud: Ruby Finds a Worry

Read-A-Loud: Kindness is My Superpower

Read-A-Loud: The Very Hungry Worry Monsters

Read-A-Loud: Dragons Love Tacos

Read-A-Loud: If You Take a Mouse to School

Kimochis with Paige: Meet Bug

Kimochis with Paige: Meet Huggtopus

Kimochis with Paige: Meet Cloud

Kimochis with Paige: Meet Cat

Kimochis with Paige: Meet Lovey Dove

Kimochis with Paige: Before You Speak

Kimochis with Paige: Tone of Voice

Kimochis with Paige: Body Language

Kimochis with Paige: Choose Words that Help

Kimochis with Paige: Redo Hurtful Moments and Let Others Try Again

Kimochis with Paige: Assume the Best and Review of What We've Learned

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